Affordable Bathroom Remodeling

We Offer The Best In Bathroom Remodeling To Fit Any Budget

So you’ve spent lots of time planning out how you want your new bathroom to look, picked out styles, colors, and your timetable.  Now it’s time to think about one of the most important things for any project – your bathroom remodel budget.  But fear not – Gold Standard Bathrooms, LLC offers a variety of the most affordable bathroom remodeling packages.

Our upfront pricing gives you the freedom to choose a bathroom design concept that fits your style and your budget.  Your new bathroom remodeling will include everything from tile tubs and bathroom shower conversions to new, modern lighting and eye-catching towel bars. We do all this for around one low price and will have you enjoying your new bathroom in less than a week*!

Your bathroom is one of the most important places in your home, and an affordable bathroom remodel solution should be the cornerstone of any remodeling project.  That’s why we at Gold Standard Bathroom we continuously strive to offer our customers the best bathroom for the lowest cost.  We order most of our bathroom parts factory direct and pass the savings onto you.  We value our bathroom customers and want to offer them the best value in the New Jersey and New York area.

Let Gold Standard Bathrooms show you how you can have the bathroom of your dreams at an affordable price

With so many bathroom remodel options and opportunities available for you, it’s important that you trust the right  bathroom remodeling company with your needs.

So call us today and find out exactly what bathroom remodeling pricing options we offer and which one can best suit your budget needs as you get ready to experience the best in bathroom remodeling at Gold Standard Bathrooms!

Bathroom Design

Professional Bathroom Design Is Only A Phone Call Away!

Deciding what you want your new bathroom to look like is usually the most fun part of any project, but sometimes the bathroom design process can become difficult.

“What bathroom tile would look best with my current interior?”

“Which bathroom shower heads offer the highest quality?”

“What bathroom vanities should I choose if I’m working with a small area?”

At Gold Standard Bathrooms, we can help you answer all of these bathroom design questions (and many more!) when helping to make your bathroom design dreams become a design reality.  No matter how ambitious you want to be, our design experts will help you create the perfect bathroom concept.  We pride ourselves in getting to know our customers from the beginning and can match the bathroom design features that you want while making sure to stay within your budget.

We will create custom floor plans, and review bathroom design sketches to make sure you are getting the bathroom that you want through the life-cycle of the project.  As we go through the process, we look at vanities, showers, bathtubs, bathroom lighting, mirrors and more for style, utility, and pricing, making sure you are 100% satisfied with what you want at a bathroom budget that you’re happy with.

We go the extra distance to ensure that what you want in your design concept is exactly what we build in your home

Our #1 focus at Gold Standard Bathrooms has been to create a bathroom design experience that is straightforward and easy to understand.  Gold Standard Bathrooms has had years of experience designing bathrooms in New York and New Jersey.  Contact us and see how our expert bathroom design team can get you started in making your bathroom design fantasies come to life!

Shower Remodeling

Exquisitely Designed Bathroom Shower Remodeling Solutions – Fast And Affordable!

Wouldn’t a nice and relaxing shower be the perfect thing to wake up to every morning? Well now it can be! Gold Standard Batrhooms offers a complete line of both quality and affordable bathroom shower remodeling solutions that can be customized to any bathroom or budget. With our bathroom shower liners, replacement shower bases, tub-to-shower bathroom conversions and wall surrounds there is sure to be a perfect fit for you and it can be installed less time than you might think.

Our Bathroom Shower Remodeling crew has extensive knowledge of all phases of bathroom shower remodeling including framing, waterproofing, roofing, glass installations, concrete work and masonry. No bathroom remodeling job is too big or too small and we are certain that our bathroom experts in custom shower creation and remodeling can find you the perfect bathroom design to keep you happy long after the building is done.

Tub To Shower Conversions

Convert Your Existing Bathroom Tub Into A Brand New Work of Art!

While numerous bathroom remodeling services focus on refining the appearance of a space, tub-to-shower conversion projects can make bathrooms both safer and better looking. Replacing your old and hard to access bathroom tub with a sleek and manageable bathroom shower can make your home extra functional and more eye-pleasing in just a few short days – and our bathroom remodel team can guarantee that your newly-enhanced shower will last for the long-haul!

You Will Love the Changes to Your Bathroom

After our bathroom experts switch out clunky barrier tubs for spacious (and affordable) new bathroom showers, homeowners will notice immediate benefits. No matter what your physical abilities are, you’ll now be able to enjoy your bathroom with a real sense of  safety:

Step (or roll) straight into the water.  Forget dangerous balancing acts in your bathroom while climbing over obstructive walls

Enjoy a sit-down on a custom corner chair rather than dealing with the immersion pool of the tub in your old bathroom

Have a much lower risk of slipping on wet surfaces in your bathroom

Once you experience the convenience of a newly-converted shower in your bathroom, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice and can relax knowing you’ve let New Jersey and New York's premiere bathroom remodeling team back the job with a 100% quality guarantee. If you’re ready to explore your tub to shower conversion options, contact us right away. Our expert bathroom remodeling team will help you find the right pricing options, customization features, and flexible schedules.

We can complete most bathroom remodeling projects in only a few working days*, and we will take special care to ensure that the area is clear of debris, vacuumed and ready for use within twenty-four hours.

Curbless Entry Walk-In Showers (ADA Accessible)

Curbless Entry, Barrier Free, Walk-In Showers – An Affordable Bathroom Solution

There’s nothing better than a nice, hot shower to get you going in the morning or to relax in the evening, but it can be frustrating when you lose the ability to safely take part in this wonderful experience in your bathroom.  However, you can say goodbye to worry, and say hello to bathroom safety, style and comfort when you install a new curbless entry walk-in shower from Gold Standard Bathrooms– the premier curbless entry walk-in shower experts.

Not only is it advantageous in your bathroom to have a curbless entry walk-in shower for safety issues.  A walk-in shower in your bathroom also provides a significant cost saving when compared to traditional bathroom shower installations. Gold Standard Bathrooms offers great style choices for your bathroom, including frameless glass bathroom shower enclosures and steam shower model choices. We can even integrate your new curbless entry walk-in shower with your current bathroom remodeling plan.

Don’t let safety hazards and immobility stand in your way of enjoying a relaxing shower in your bathroom.  Contact us and schedule an appointment in New Jersey or New York to see how a curbless bathroom entry walk-in shower can help you start living a much more enjoyable life and enjoy a much more pleasurable shower experience in your bathroom.

Tile Design and Installation

Professional Bathroom Tile Design – At A Lower Price Than You Might Think

Bathroom tile can, indeed, provide many of the aesthetic and industrial qualities.  That’s why  at Gold Standard Bathrooms, we pride ourselves in being able to offer custom bathroom tile design solutions and bathroom installation at an affordable price to our customers.  Universal and one-size-fits all bathrooms can offer a few good characteristics, but nothing compares to a professionally installed bathroom with custom tile design from Gold Standard Bathrooms.  With such attention to detail in your bathroom, we will be sure to take your bathroom and shower area to the next level.

Expect Only the Best with Gold Standard Bathrooms!

When selecting our bathroom tiles, we make sure to obtain only the most quality materials.  Whether it’s granite for a sink countertop or mosaic stone for a bathroom shower interior, you can be rest-assured that you are getting a complete and modern upgrade to any bathroom surface that will last for years and years.  We have many years of experience with the installation of bathroom tile on ANY bathroom surface:  floors, sink surfaces, walls, ceilings, shower interiors, bathtub units and whirlpool/jacuzzi casings.

We will show you every type and color of bathroom tile that we have to offer during our initial consultations.  Gold Standard Bathrooms will ensure that you get the bathroom tiles that you want at a price-point that you can afford.  So contact us and find out how a beautiful bathroom tile design and installation can be a great step in improving your bathroom interior!